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Amazing people across the globe

The Paradigm Community was an amazing addition to my professional and social development in 2021 and-2022 by exposing me to amazing people across the globe I would have not an opportunity to meet. The experience felt inclusive through diverse cultural and racial membership. Being able to connect through more than one way ie helping to select a smaller non-profit as a recipient of Paradigm’s donations, helping refugees from the Ukraine, engaging in professional development through Paradigm Academy and, the highlight of the year, planning, executing and co-moderating a Gather event on the bilingual brain and social development as a result. This has been a life altering decision filled with great possibilities.

- KW
Sharing occurs not only within the community

There are many professional organizations and platforms on the market. The reason for which I value ParadiGM the most is that it has a deeper purpose. Sharing occurs not only within the community but also on the outside to charitable organizations.

- VP
Joy to be a part of

The Paradigm Community has been a joy to be a part of and I feel so grateful to have created meaningful connections with people across the globe.

- NZ
personally and professionally speaking, so I'm very happy and grateful!

paradiGM community was born with the desire to be different: to engage, create deep and real connections. Here I was able to make great friends, expand my professional network and constantly learn looking for my growth and improvement -personally and professionally speaking, so I’m very happy and grateful!

- JR