View From Our Window

Hello paradiGM members!

Greetings from the communications team! We wanted to announce a new post series we would like to create on paradiGM’s social media, and we need your help to make it happen.

What is View From Our Window?

Our intention is that View From Our Window will be a series of photos collected from paradiGM members across the world showcasing all of the amazing locations where our members live and work. View from Our Window will be a visual demonstration of how diverse and far-reaching the paradiGM community is and will allow members to explore and engage with new places near and dear to fellow member’s hearts, as well as hopefully catch the eye of non-members and interest them in learning more about paradiGM and what our global community is.

What do we need from you?


We need help from paradiGM members to make the intention of this series a reality. There are two options of what can be provided for posting material:

  1. A straightforward view outside your home or office; OR
  2. A photo of a place in your town/city that is special to you, along with a short explanation of what this place means to you. This could be anything from a historical/cultural monument, your favorite walking trail, the best view in your city, your favorite place to sit down and read a book or people watch, etc. Our goal is to present some locations that are from an “insider” view, rather than major tourist attractions that are well-known by all, so please let us in on the local’s favorites!

*The aim of this project is to get a glimpse of where our members live and work and to better connect with each other. In line with paradiGM community guidelines, we ask that you please refrain from sending photos of restaurants, shops, etc. or photos which prominently include business names in order to avoid the promotion of select businesses.
Progetto senza titolo

Feel free to send both the home/office view photo, the photo of a place in your town/city that is special to you, both, or multiples! The more content we can collect for this series, the longer we will be able to continue it for.

Photos shall be sent to: Yuu Shibata (


* Please note that provision of a photo and/or written text will permit us with implied permission to post on paradiGM’s social media channels and use in supporting communications materials. If you have any questions on this, please let us know.