paradiGM Launch Event

You are invited to join us at the paradiGM launch event on 29th June at 13:00 (BST)

We are very excited to share why we believe there is a need for a different and relatable community in the global mobility industry and to tell you more about what paradiGM will do. 

paradiGM is for anyone who works, studies or has an interest in the field of migration or global mobility and wants to belong to an initiative that promotes inclusivity, collaboration and creativity. 

Our mission is to connect global mobility practitioners in a way that helps them to develop and thrive professionally (Grow) while giving back to diverse communities (Give) and connecting with one another in genuine, meaningful ways (Gather). 

Please join us as we tell you more about:

  • The story of paradiGM – Our mission
  • Who we are – Give, Gather, Grow, Diversity, Innovation
  • The unique benefits of belonging to the paradiGM community
  • What comes next
  • How you can get involved with paradiGM

Participation Fee: It is free for everyone.

Duration:  1h