Who are our members?

The paradiGM Community consists of people around the world working in the global mobility sector. We share a passion for our mission of connecting with other global mobility practitioners in genuine, meaningful ways that helps us to grow and thrive professionally while giving back to diverse communities and having a bit of fun along the way.

Membership in other professional affiliations, groups or networks does not per se preclude membership in the paradiGM Community.

Membership Costs


200 per annum

Available to:
  • Immigration professionals
  • Global mobility suppliers / relocation professionals
  • Tax professionals
  • In-house/Corporate professionals

Discounted Membership

100 per annum

Available to:
  • Professionals from a Medium or Low HDI country*
  • University / law students
  • Employees of NPOs and NGOs
  • Junior professionals**
  • Professional services staff

* country with <0.700 HDI Value
** within the first five years of professional work

Membership Benefits

Partner charities

paradiGM maintains relationships with charities that benefit refugees, immigrants and other vulnerable populations and will provide members with opportunities to volunteer together so that they can form meaningful connections and grow professionally while giving back.

0 %

of membership revenue

goes to charity

You will have the opportunity to vote on which charity receives paradiGM’s donation of 10% of our annual membership revenues.

Virtual and in-person gatherings

We provide an online platform you can use to communicate via message, audio or video with other members around the world 24/7. Virtual gatherings using innovative formats to help you maintain engagement and build human connections, including breakout rooms andfishbowl webinars.

In addition, paradiGM’s in-person gatherings will give back by patronizing businesses with a connection to immigrants and refugees. As well as intimate conferences and other small-group gatherings to be held in diverse locations worldwide.

Mastermind groups for leaders

Mastermind groups for leaders

Seasoned professionals and leaders will have the opportunity to participate in Mastermind groups with a view to helping them navigate the challenges of leadership and management.

paradiGM Academy

paradiGM Academy

Young professionals and those new to the global mobility industry will have the opportunity to participate in a six month leadership training/educational program.

Expert support forum

Expert support forum

If you are venturing into a new business, service offering, geographic area or even just a new phase of your career, you will benefit from the support of seasoned professionals with existing qualified experience.

Volunteer opportunities

As a member you will be able to propose projects for organizations and causes you care about. Once vetted by paradiGM, you will be able to share your project with other members so that they can join you in volunteering. You can propose, lead or participate in virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities with other members.

Writing and speaking opportunities

Even as a new member, you will have the opportunity to write articles and to speak at events. Opportunities are not reserved only for those with decades of experience.

Relatable and relevant conversations

We will talk about topics that matter to you such as sustainability, wellbeing, culture and diversity in the context of global mobility. We will encourage healthy and open debate on different perspectives that members have an interest in and will benefit from learning more about.

A voice in governance

Because we want to hear from our members, you can expect to receive regular requests for input on everything from webinar topics to what causes paradiGM should devote its resources to.


The membership renews automatically on the anniversary of approval of membership. If a valid credit card is on file at the time of renewal, the membership fee will be charged automatically and a receipt sent to the renewing member for their book keeping. Automatic renewals keep staff cost at a minimum and allow for keeping registration fees low while still being able to donate 10% of the proceeds.


A paradiGM Community Member or CILS may terminate membership on written notice given 30 days before the end of each subscription period, ie, 30 days before the anniversary of approval of membership.


Recepients of discounted memberships must advise CILS of any change of location (e.g. especially when moving from a medium/low HDI country to a high/very high HDI country) or status (e.g. graduating from junior professional to lawyer).

Financial Transparency

In keeping with our commitment to transparency with our members, membership revenues will be used in the following ways: to make the aforementioned donation to charity, and to compensate CILS for their time in administering the community and to cover operational expenses (i.e. website, technology platforms). 

Any amounts beyond what is needed for these areas will be used in a manner consistent with the mission of paradiGM to connect global mobility practitioners in a way that helps them to develop and thrive professionally while giving back to diverse communities and connecting with one another in genuine, meaningful ways.  Members of the paradiGM Leadership Team and mini-teams are volunteers and will not be compensated for their time.