Innovation is about trying new things.  

The paradiGM innovation events and chats will cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • change management,
  • diversification,
  • growing your business (or choosing to keep it small),
  • inspiring and leading a young team,
  • use of free or low cost technologies,
  • choosing which technology to invest in,
  • considering how technology impacts immigration legislation and adjudication
  • — and more!  

paradiGM is about bringing people together.  We believe that if we pool our ideas and our experiences, we can come up with something much greater than the sum of our parts.

Join us at our next event or chat and become part of the conversation.


Sophy King, INNOVATION Advocate and paradiGM Co-Founder, is a UK citizen, born and bred in London, who loves the international community of immigration specialists and lawyers and who has lived in Russia, China, Japan; and Spain.  She now lives back in the UK, in Bristol with her husband, three children, cat and dog.

Full Bio is available on  the Founders Page

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