Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference!

As global mobility professionals, we share a passion for helping diverse communities of immigrants and refugees worldwide and a desire to go beyond the day-to-day help we provide to corporate clients.  We will provide opportunities to give back to diverse communities in an organized, collaborative and fun way while connecting with other global mobility professionals, creating meaningful relationships and growing professionally.  We have been influenced by other communities of changemakers in economics and business, some of these are listed below to give you an idea:

What we aim to do?

  • Contribute financially to organizations in different areas (Health, Educational, Ecology, Women LGBTQ & Racism discrimination, Refugee Immigration) in diverse regions of the world. 10% of the membership fee is an automatic donation. All members have a say in which organisation we support.
  • Crowd-sourced volunteer projects – encourage members to propose projects for organizations and causes they care about. Establish a proposal form for members to use. Once vetted by paradiGM, the project can be shared with other members so that they can join in volunteering. Volunteering initiatives will aim to provide members with opportunities to volunteer together so that they can form meaningful connections and grow professionally while giving back.
  • Informal Give chats on a regular basis where we share our experiences from other volunteering projects, how to find balance when giving, to find inspiration if you are new to volunteering etc.
  • As we will grow organically as an organisation, more initiatives will be proposes and launched.

Give Team


Massimo Maesen is the grandson of Italian immigrants and a Dutch grandmother, so there was always a strong connection in his life to immigration law, and helping foreign nationals in moving from one country to another, either for work or other reasons. Massimo became part of paradiGM as there was a strong feeling that something was missing in his life. Massimo is a strong supporter of diversity, inclusion, equality.

Full Bio is available on  the Founders Page


Veronika Plešková has been working in the legal field as an attorney since 2012 and has established her own law firm, VP Legal, in October 2020. Prior to that, Veronika was with Havel & Partners for 11 years, about one year with Gleiss Lutz (now Schönherr), and spent two months as a visiting attorney at Cuatrecasas  in their Valencia office. Veronika acquired her legal education at Palacký University Olomouc and continued with LLM studies at the University of Salzburg and McGeorge School of Law. She provides legal services in Czech, English, and German and can communicate in Spanish on a conversational level. Besides being a member of paradiGM, Veronika is also a member of the Czech Bar Association, and  the European Employment Lawyers Association.


Mariana Vieira da Rocha, Volunteering and Civic Engagement Manager;  UK Student Volunteering Network Chair; Training Facilitator, Mariana, originally from Portugal, started volunteering when she was seven years old and has not stopped since. She’s moved to the UK 11 years ago and has been working in Volunteering and Higher Education for the past nine years. She is also a Co-Founder and Director at SPEAK London, a C.I.C that connects migrants, refugees and locals living in the same city through a programme of language and culture exchange events. Recently established as a freelancer, Mariana specialises in helping people connect to opportunities they feel passionate about and provides consultancy and training facilitation in a range of topics.


In January 2018 Lynn Mackenzie returned to Cape Town, South Africa, her hometown, after many years in Los Angeles, California, USA. She holds a BA (Political Science and Pre-Law), a JD and an LLM (Human Rights Law). Over the last 13 years, Lynn worked in international human rights law, public policy, advocacy, immigration, contract, and compliance Law and currently works in Global Educational Technology. Lynn assists in negotiating and reviewing contracts for clinical placements in US Medical and Social Work programs. She is an advocate for Law Empowerment, as she believes that everyone should be encouraged to actively participate in the legal process that will significantly impact their lives. She seeks to inspire them to utilize that knowledge acquired to assert their own rights and represent their own best interests. Her mission is to encourage, enlighten and empower.


Fiona Mougenot, Immigration Consultant, has been living and working in France for over 25 years. During this time she has developed a deep understanding of the French culture and business practices.  As a result she has built a reliable network with members of the French public administration. She founded Expat Partners in 2003, with a branch office in Bangalore, India and a representative office in Shenzhen, China. In 2022 Fiona will do more consultancy work specifically on French immigration, investors and entrepreneurs, working closely with the Franco-British community and mentoring young professionals who are interested in growing their careers in global mobility. Being passionate about people, she believes that everyone should be given a chance to express their skills and grow. Her motto she definitely “shares, care sand grows.”


Philip Trott is Senior Counsel with Vanessa Ganguin Immigration Law.  Philip is an immigration expert whose stellar cast of clients has seen him appear on stage at Glastonbury Festival. You may well spot him providing expert comment on immigration issues on news and current affair shows on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and he also makes appearances as an immigration expert on the LBC legal hour.  Philip has contributed to several publications on the ever-changing immigration routes for creatives and sports as he is renowned for sports, arts, culture and media-related clients. He has also made a name for himself with tricky discretionary immigration applications outside the rules, as well as cases involving national security issues.

Does this sound like a calling? paradiGM’s Give section is the right place for you then!  Please feel free to contact us – message Massimo Maesen on Discord if you are a member, or send us an email if you are not yet a member at