The paradiGM community GATHER initiative aims to bring together and connect members beyond professional conferences in genuine, meaningful, and occasionally playful ways to enrich their lives. We hope to create deeper connections among members: how often in our working relationships do we ask people about themselves and their lives, goals and hobbies; and then really listen to what they have to say?

GATHER creates opportunities for interaction between members. We do this through virtual informal chats and events, as well as in-person meetings, or via Discord, where our members gather and share information to assist in the cross pollination of varying personal, cultural, and entrepreneurial experiences across three continents. 

Another way is to ensure we are authentic: practicing authenticity means being vulnerable and at paradiGM we create a safe space for members to share.

You can view our 21 September GATHER chat via the link below:

Gather Chat 
(held 21 September 2021)

An informal and interactive chat for members and non-members introducing the paradiGM community, with focus on the GATHER initiative by engaging with members having experienced paradiGM, including reasons for joining this non-profit organization and future expectations with the paradiGM family.

Global Mobility Business Environment:
A Toast and a Story

(held 30 November 2021)

A paradiGM members only interactive chat with members across the entrepreneurial spectrum to hear and share cultural work experiences, ideas, market practices, and suggestions in a fun way.

Gather Team


Julyana Ruiz GATHER Advocate, is an immigration lawyer, with a dedicated focus on servicing corporate clients on their immigration and taxation requirements in Brazil. She is passionate about sports (crossfit lover) and believes that discipline and mutual collaboration is the key to successful relationships. She’s the founder of iGo immigration services, a boutique firm based in São Paulo, Brazil, specialized in Global Mobility, which aims literally bend over backwards to make the immigration processes. Julyana has over 11 years’ experience in global mobility and truly believes in meaningful connections. She joined paradiGM community and the Gather group to connect with people openly and to bring authenticity to this industry. She believes it’s time to connect business with playfulness.

Paa Kwesi

Paa Kwesi Hagan is a barrister and solicitor, specializing in corporate immigration and regulatory compliance services in Ghana and Senegal. Paa Kwesi has advised several high net-worth companies and multinationals on immigration and compliance issues. He has also performed immigration audits for key companies in Ghana. In addition, he has represented clients at immigration hearings before various regulatory bodies and continually engages positively with government institutions to influence immigration policy. He has been recognised by Who’s Who Legal consistently for his work in this field and has recently been named Thought Leader for corporate immigration. Paa Kwesi loves to travel, watch movies, and loves to spend quality time with his family.


Daniela Lima, paradiGM co-founder, is a proud Brazilian citizen who loves her country because its vibrant and happy culture matches her own positive spirit. She lives in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, where she has a beautiful view of the never-ending skyline from her apartment. She lives with her husband and two kids, a boy and a girl.  Her passions include traveling, reading, learning about different cultures, interior design and hanging out with friends.  

Full Bio is available on  the Founders Page


Inigo Lopez is the CEO of BiCortex Languages. Prior to BiCortex, Inigo co-founded Eszett Business Language Services, and before that, he had several management positions in Sales, Marketing and Customer support in Telecommunications, software, IT and International Trading companies. Inigo has been an expatriate in Ireland, the UK, France and Brazil. He holds an MA in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Cantabria and an Executive MBA from ESIC. Inigo is a native Spanish speaker and has business level fluency in English, French and Portuguese. Additionally, he has a B2 level in German and B1 in Italian. In his free time, Inigo loves to travel with his family and friends, try local food and meet local people everywhere they go.


Shradha Mithal founded Resettle in 2016 with a passion to help families feel at home when they relocate to different cities in India. She is backed by the family household goods business that spans over three decades. Shradha has a process-driven mindset backed by her years of corporate experience, including positions with General Electric (GE), Unilever, and Macquarie Bank. She obtained her MBA with dual specialization in Marketing and Strategy from the Indian School of Business. A natural networker and problem solver, Shradha is comfortable finding out-of-the-box solutions to facilitate clients in their relocation. An avid reader, keen traveller and experimental foodie, Shradha believes there are no problems, only opportunities!


Kimloy Walker is an Attorney-at-Law and Compliance Auditor from the beautiful island of Jamaica. During her tenure in the legal field, she was involved in government and private sectors across the Caribbean Commonwealth and has expanded into the US and Europe. Previously, Kimloy served in several managerial capacities in the financial sector, including the Pensions and Credit Divisions respectively. As an avid lover of the Arts and cultural exchanges, she has found fellow foodies in the paradiGM family. Kimloy holds an LLB and BSc from the University of the West Indies and is currently pursuing an LLM in Transnational Commercial Practice. She is a native English speaker, but relishes relearning and improving her French, and immerses herself in planning events, group excursions, and welcoming the opportunity to meet new people, as well as reconnect with friends and family.