paradiGM Community has five advocacy teams, which are: Gather, Grow, Give, Diversity and Communications.

The paradiGM Communications team has the role of organising, coordinating and informing members about our community’s events and activities. The main tasks of this team are:

  • Overseeing our website.
  • Helping to organise other advocacy teams’ events and activities.
  • Creating informative and engaging content.
  • Preparing promotional content for the community.

We aim to help create a more inclusive, diverse and unique community dedicated to professionals in the global mobility and related sectors.

Communications Team


Massimo Maesen – Advocate and founder member of paradiGM and a member of our communications team.

Massimo is the grandson of Italian immigrants and a Dutch grandmother, so there was always a strong connection in his life to immigration law, and helping foreign nationals in moving from one country to another, either for work or other reasons.

Massimo has worked over 15 years in immigration and is an immigration attorney since 13 years, having worked on Belgian, Luxembourg, French, Swiss and Dutch immigration matters. He is now partner with Expat Management Group in Brussels, Belgium.


Anna Khan – Vice Advocate is an Australian immigration lawyer. Born in Sydney to Pakistani immigrant parents she has grown up learning two cultures and two languages simultaneously. She has spent her entire legal career working in immigration with multi-national businesses, individuals and refugees. Her passion lies in developing client relationships and understanding individual needs.


James Tomlin has built up over 17 years of experience in the industry, building Go-To-Market strategy and partnerships across the Human Capital Spectrum of Global Mobility, Payroll, Tax, Risk, Travel, Immigration, EOR and Recruitment. James has previously completed his itPD certification, and is also a CICI Level 3 professional.

James has lived and worked in three continents, and started his career moving contractors and staff globally into some of the world’s largest Oil and Gas Corporates supporting multi-billion Capex projects.   James traversed to the Global Mobility supply chain, starting within Short Term Business Travel visa services, where he built up and integrated large scale projects for fortune 500 companies, including the establishment of large global alliances to deliver combined short term visas and immigration solutions.

From a personal perspective, James it the proud father and lives in London, he enjoys a personal challenge, whilst networking and meeting new people.


Carsten Østberg

Since 2007, Carsten has been working in the mobility industry. Initially, setting up an office in Denmark and later expanded his role to the rest of the Nordic Region, finally working as the Director of Sales and Operations before he in 2018 took on the challenge as Managing Director, Nordics, for a competing company. 

Within the first year, Carsten got the responsibility for another 5 European countries and quickly became Managing Director, Europe. 

In the latest years, Carsten has been working increasingly more global and strategically with both short-term visas, passport and immigration. 

Carsten has a military background including multiple deployments to conflict zones across Europe and the Middle East as well as a background from the leisure travel industry. 

He has lived in 8 countries, most recently in the UAE, but his base is in Sweden where he lives with his wife and 2 children. Carsten speaks 4 languages.