paradiGM Community has five advocacy teams, which are: Gather, Grow, Give, Diversity and Communications.

The paradiGM Communications team has the role of organising, coordinating and informing members about our community’s events and activities. The main tasks of this team are:

  • Overseeing our website.
  • Helping to organise other advocacy teams’ events and activities.
  • Creating informative and engaging content.
  • Preparing promotional content for the community.

We aim to help create a more inclusive, diverse and unique community dedicated to professionals in the global mobility and related sectors.

Communications Team


Judi Copnall is a marketing professional having spent her career working in the marketing teams of both accountancy and law firms.  She focuses on delivering strategic marketing and communications campaigns and is delighted to be working with the team at paradiGM. She lives in London but loves to travel, in particular visiting friends and extended family in Argentina.


Ashley VanOoteghem is a Global Practice Manager at WR Immigration Petoskey, working in the global mobility field with a focus on business immigration for professionals. She frequently works with companies in the technology and services sectors, including both Fortune 500 companies and innovative start-ups. She lives in northern Michigan, USA near Lake Michigan with her tabby cat, Willow, and her Australian Shepherd dog, Reese. She enjoys anything outdoors, including boating, hiking, snowmobiling, and ice-skating, as well as cooking, reading, and traveling. She is excited to connect with other global mobility professionals, be a part of a diverse and inclusive community, and grow both professionally and personally through paradiGM.


Anna Khan is an Australian immigration lawyer. Born in Sydney to Pakistani immigrant parents she has grown up learning two cultures and two languages simultaneously. She has spent her entire legal career working in immigration with multi-national businesses, individuals and refugees. Her passion lies in developing client relationships and understanding individual needs.


Massimo Maesen is a founder member of paradiGM and a member of our communications team.

Massimo is the grandson of Italian immigrants and a Dutch grandmother, so there was always a strong connection in his life to immigration law, and helping foreign nationals in moving from one country to another, either for work or other reasons.

Massimo has worked over nine years at one of the largest immigration law firms in the world, serving on the Belgium-inbound team, French coordination team, Swiss coordination team, the Netherlands-inbound team and the client services team.