Your Global Mobility Community

Join us to connect with other global mobility practitioners in genuine, meaningful ways that help you to grow and thrive professionally while giving back to diverse communities and having a bit of fun along the way.

Welcome to paradiGM! We are a community of changemakers in global mobility organized under the auspices of the Center for International Legal Studies.  Our mission is to GATHER global mobility practitioners in a way that helps them to GROW professionally and GIVE back to diverse communities. 

Worldwide connections

We will  connect with one another in genuine and meaningful ways and will embrace DIVERSITY by committing to make this community accessible to practitioners at all levels from all countries.  We encourage INNOVATION and the introduction of new ideas from outside the traditional global mobility sphere for the sake of its continuous improvement.

We are proud supporters of Ripple Africa

Ripple Africa’s overriding aim is to empower communities so they themselves can achieve a sustainable future.